The two Australian bodybuilders who are bringing us back to the 80’s

The two Australian bodybuilders who are bringing us back to the 80's with their classic physique's

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Joel Kellett and Brock Waugh are an Australian bodybuilding duo that reside in Sydney Australia. If you were tricked into believing at first glance that these guys were from a different age then you wouldn’t be entirely wrong.

Their aim is to recreate the 80’s bodybuilding aesthetic when it comes to their physique and they have clearly been successful in doing so.

For those who take no interest, or have no knowledge about bodybuilding, the goal in the 80’s and pre 80’s was to have an aesthetic and symmetrical physique that would resemble a Greek god or statue.

It is not the image that comes to mind when the average person is confronted with the word bodybuilding today though. Most would picture grotesquely sized men, who are bloated and unhealthy, often having many health troubles.

Joel and Brock are trying to change that perception though and bring a more old school type physique and lifestyle back into mainstream gym/bodybuilding culture.

With underlying steroid use and the supplement industry rampant in the fitness industry, it could have been easy for Joel and Brock to join in on the mainstream fitness influencer industry to boost their social media following and income, yet they decided on the opposite.

When asked about this they provide a simple yet important message that seems to have been lost somewhere along the industries rapid expansion.


“We wholeheartedly believe that the industry isn’t in a healthy state at the moment and despite being called the fitness industry there is a lot of unhealthy things going on that aren’t talked about enough, steroids being the main one.

People don’t understand that it takes years of dedication, giving 100 percent in the gym along with making sure you’re proficient with your diet and calorie intake. Genetics also play a big factor but are not the be all and end all to building the best physique you can possibly get.

Steroids are a short cut that lots of men like to take unfortunately, but most don’t understand or care that it’s cutting years of their life if they aren’t responsible with their usage of it. Many former users advise against taking it and even current users advise against usage.

It can lead to a multitude of health problems such as liver damage, excessive acne, premature balding, high blood pressure and even infertility. It’s a serious drug that needs to be treated as such. The industry is far too casual about the usage and dosage amounts that have become acceptable, which therefore goes against everything the industry should stand for which is fitness and health.”

Joel and Brock have had allegations of steroid use due to their impressive physiques, but they highlight that it has taken them near a decade each to obtain their bodies. They have also been incredibly strict with their diets and have given up trivial everyday life things which most would not be willing to sacrifice.


“We have had to cut out a lot of things and sacrifice time out to achieve what we have personally and together as business partners. It hasn’t always been plain sailing, but we have got to where we are with hard work, something which Arnold Schwarzenegger says there is no way around if you want to succeed.

We’re at a point where we can now fully focus on our own brand whilst building our social media platform audiences up. This will then give us more exposure which should then allow us to have more of an influence over the industry and promote a better and healthier alternative whilst also being true to the sport of bodybuilding and in general fitness.”

Joel and Brock have made a big impact in the industry despite only really being on the scene for a few years, and are hoping to grow their business and muscles even bigger in the coming years, as well as being able to potentially open up a gym of their own.

If you are interested in bodybuilding or general fitness and want to improve your body, or simply dont know where to start, then visit their website below to find out more.


Joel – @overkell

Brock – @brockwaugh