Well. That was a bit underwhelming, wasn’t it? Buckells…

After being teased with thrilling scenes and snapshots throughout the week, the much-anticipated Line of Duty finale was flat and lacked the action that has enticed people to their sofas over the past nine years. But what the finale has done is set up another season very nicely with some interesting storylines to follow.

What will Patricia Carmichael do with Ted’s confession?

The final scene of the series left us pondering why Ted would admit to telling Lee Banks about there being an undercover officer in the OCG. After Steve found the missing sum of £50,000 at Steph Corbett’s house, Ted confessed to Kate and Steve in the meeting room before the interrogation of Buckells. With Ted appealing his imminent retirement from AC-12, the information he gave to Patricia set up the next series nicely. If she decides to keep the information to herself, it shows what else she could be hiding, but if not, what does that mean for Ted Hastings?

Who killed Gail Vella?

Thank god it was not poor Terry Boyle. The man who had the dismembered remains of Jacquie Laverty from Series 1 for over six years. If only PC Karen Larkin had done her job in series one. As anticipated, it was Carl Banks who killed journalist Gail Vella after she threatened to expose the police’s failure in the Laurence Christopher murder back in 2003. The gun and gloves were found underneath one of the OCG’s workshops that AC-12 investigated when following PC Ryan Pilkington. Speaking of Ryan, the two knives used by Ryan to kill PC Maneet Bindra and John Corbett were in the same box, along with the weapon used to kill Jacquie Laverty back in series one.

Is Buckells the fourth man?

The answer to one of life’s biggest questions. Who was the fourth man or H? Or has it been answered? After evidence from Buckells’ jail cell was found of him contacting people in Spain and the transportation of Joe Davidson’s prison van, it was revealed that Buckells was communicating police operations during his time in the force. But the ending does not sit right with me, nor does it with Line of Duty fans. It seemed weird, especially for a writer of Jed Mercurio’s quality. Those thrilling scenes in Bodyguard, the thrilling end to season 3 and the incredible cliffhangers from this series make me feel this is not the end because we do not want a sour ending to this incredible drama.

Featured Image: Thor Brødreskift / Nordiske Mediedager