StoryHub Today: Wednesday 16th December (Team 1)

StoryHub Today: Wednesday 16th December (Team 1)

Student journalism from the University of Derby. Reporting by Grete Ubartaite, Tayte Fordham, Ethan Henson and Kyle Lynch.

Gamers react to EA’s Takeover of Codemasters

In one of the biggest game publisher deals to date, EA known for games such as FIFA are buying out British games publisher Codemasters for £1.2million. Codemasters have had great success recently and a lot of loyal fans who will have mixed feelings about the changes. Tayte Fordham reports will this affect the fans of Codemasters?

How Covid 19 affected teaching at University of Derby

Studying at university during the pandemic is a very bizarre experience. The new safety restrictions are affecting not only social but also academic life as there a lot less opportunities to get a real-life experience. Grete Ubartaite tried to find if students are satisfied with the practical learning, they got to do this year.

How second lockdown has affected local youth football team

The decision by the government to impose national restrictions saw grassroots sport halted for three weeks. This was met with a backlash that saw online petitions to keep people active progressing rapidly. Ethan Henson spoke to one local youth football team’s chairman to speak about the impact that the second lockdown has had.


The Pfizer Vaccine was recently released in the UK and is currently being targeted at vulnerable people over the age of 80, although there are concerns over how quickly the vaccine was created. Our correspondent Kyle Lynch spoke to the programme leader for the Master of Public Health at the University of Derby as well as key worker Nicola Dillon, to hear their thoughts on the vaccine.

The Rams push for redemption

With Nottingham Forest’s 2-0 victory of Sheffield Wednesday at City Ground yesterday evening, the pressure is firmly on Wayne Rooney and Derby County to deliver tonight as they welcome Swansea City to Pride Park. Things haven’t been ideal this season, but as Ethan Henson reports, they are looking brighter.