More than 1,000 people dressed up in Santa suits participated in a running event to raise money for local charities.

Santa Run, which is organised by Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People, joined forces with Jingle Jog, an event organised by Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity, at Markeaton Park today on 1st December.

Santa Run was supposed to take place at Elvaston Castle. However, organisers had to change the venue due to the heavy rain that happened last month.

Paula North, community engagement manager at Rainbows Hospice, said: “We were disappointed because we’ve held the Santa run for 12 years at Elvaston Castle.

“It’s disappointing not to have it there, but we feel very lucky that Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity allowed us to share the event today.”

Paula North, community engagement manager at Rainbows Hospice

The decision to change the venue was made only four days before the event. Despite that, the charity did not face any problems, and everyone was happy that everything went well.

“It’s been a fantastic event. It’s been brilliant to see so many people dressed up as Santas and supporting their local charities,” said Ms North.

Marie Gretton, communications and fundraising officer at Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity, said that she was really happy both events happened together. She added: “It’s really nice to see everybody communicating and joining in together.

“We could have said no, but we have to do what we can for the community and get everybody joining forces to raise money for charities.”

It has been 12th year in a row the Hospitals Charity organises Jingle Jog.

Vicky Carey, the community fundraiser for the Hospitals Charity, said that even though the charity spends money organising the event, it is always successful. She said: “We get around 500 people every year, usually a bit less when it’s cold.

“We always raise lots of money from it which goes to the hospital.”

Ms Gretton added: “It also raises our profile in the community.

“It might not be that we raise a lot of money today, but in a couple of months’ time people will remember that they saw this event and donate money.”

Vicky Carey, the community fundraiser, and Marie Gretton, communications and fundraising officer at Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity
Moments from the event:
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Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity is a non-profit organisation based in Royal Derby Hospital. It raises money to make patients’ lives better by providing funds that improve patient welfare, equipment and staff training.

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