Debunking the Myth of Formula One Becoming Boring…

As of writing, Max Verstappen has won four of the last six Formula One Grand Prix, propelling himself and Red Bull up the Championship table.

The Dutchman is already on his way to a third consecutively Drivers’ Championship, cementing himself as one of the greatest of all time.

However, the fans of Formula One appear sick and tired of the same race winner, watching Verstappen on the top podium has become repetitive and uninteresting to the viewer.

This has made many casual viewers leave the sport, bored of the same results at the top.

However, there are many ways to enjoy the sport again.

From supporting the other drivers on the grid to everything happening in the paddock. The sport is like no other and isn’t all about who is winning.

Formula One and lifelong McLaren fan Dylan Britton rejects the ‘boring’ narrative, explaining that “you can’t be a fan if you only watch for who wins the race!”

He adds, “Sure, it can be disheartening when one driver is consistently winning, but you can look past that, there’s 19 other drivers on the grid.”

Dylan then explains the ways you can make Formula One appear less boring, “But there’s still so much to appreciate.”

He then adds “The battles for position, the strategic manoeuvres, and the unexpected twists and turns that can change the outcome in an instant, there’s always drama.”

The middle of the pack can be the home to some of the best racing Formula One has to offer.

The most coming in the 2016 Chinese Grand Prix with there being a total of 161 passes for positions.

Dylans adds to this, describing the sport as a “captivating spectacle filled with excitement and drama.”

He also claims that “no two races are ever the same, yes there is Max (Verstappen) winning most races but that isn’t at a detriment to the sport or any of the world-class drivers we have on offer.”

That is true in fact, Formula One boasts some of the most talented racing drivers on the planet, from the global superstar Lewis Hamilton to the veteran Fernando Alonso.

For Dylan however, his support for McLaren is all he needs to keep the sport entertaining, “supporting McLaren has definitely had it’s ups and downs, but that’s what makes it special.”

He adds, “We had the worst performing car at the beginning of the 2022 season, now we are at the front competing with the best.”

The most recent Formula One race for McLaren’s Lando Norris pick up the win from Verstappen, with that being the first of the young driver’s career.

“It was a special moment; one McLaren fans have been dreaming of since Lando arrived on the scene, he has the talent and finally he got his moment.”

He then added, “That race should be an advertisement for all the fans who left to take the time to appreciate the skill and dedication of everyone involved, from the drivers and teams to the engineers and mechanics. Trust me, you’ll never look back.”