StoryHub Today: Wednesday 16th December (Team 1)

Student journalism from the University of Derby. Reporting by Cameron Spencer, Jara Rua Sanchez, Elizabete Masena and Amira Abuteir.


The life of a hairdresser is vastly different from that of a year ago. Mask and visors are now mandatory in certain parts of the UK in an attempt to protect against the spread of the coronavirus. Cameron Spencer spoke to a salon owner to see how hairdressers have tried to adapt in these troubling times.


After this year, the BA (Hons) Dance Course will be removed from Derby Uni’s programme. The University’s decision is affecting hundreds of students who are rallying together in hopes of keeping the course alive. Jara Rua with more on this…


The Coronavirus pandemic has strained society in ways that have never been seen before. We spoke to Alex Stanley manager of Cathedral Court, an accommodation at the University of Derby, about the situation