StoryHub Today: Monday 14th December (Team 1)

Student journalism from the University of Derby. Reporting by Jamie Fry, Max Taylor, Jack Hobbs, Josh Goodman and Ollie Lee.

Twitch Helping Mental Health

The streaming platform, Twitch has had a rise in popularity this year during both national lockdown periods. It’s seen a rise in viewers but also an increasing number of individuals trying their hand at streaming.

Jamie Fry spoke to two streamers about their experiences with Twitch.

Boxing Through COVID

With huge pay-per-view fights still going ahead, you could have been fooled into thinking that boxing has survived the global pandemic. However, there are hundreds of boxers across the UK whose careers have been held back by Coronavirus.

Max Taylor visited local boxer, Jay Munn to discover his version of 2020.

Education Through Coronavirus

Education across the country has been hugely affected by Coronavirus. The pandemic has disrupted learning in schools and had a big impact on the university experience, as Jack Hobbs has been finding out.

Print in the Pandemic

Already operating on a shoestring budget and with little community activity to report on, local newspapers are falling victim to the COVID crisis.

Many jobs are at risk, and some have already been lost. Kyle Tagg, the Sports Editor at the Mid-Devon Advertiser, spoke to Josh Goodman about how the newsroom has been impacted by the pandemic:

The 6PM Curfew

Due to the ever-increasing number of COVID cases in Wales, the Welsh government have taken extra measures to limit the spread. They have put a 6pm curfew on pubs and restaurants and banned these establishments from selling alcohol.

Max Taylor caught up with two residents from Rhoose, whose local pubs have closed as a result of the restrictions.

Festive Cheer Despite Coronavirus?

Boris Johnson has announced that restrictions will be lifted over the Christmas period. A University of Birmingham student talks about going home for Christmas and the relaxation of rules.