StoryHub Today: Thursday 10th December (Team 2)

Student journalism from the University of Derby. Reporting by Sam Allen, Ben Durber, Devon Cash and Nikita Henschl.

The financial implications of COVID-19 – Loughborough Dynamo F.C.

The second national lockdown has once again put a halt to non-league football, with clubs like Loughborough Dynamo struggling to cope with the financial pressures that a stoppage in fixtures brings. The pressure continues to mount on the governing bodies to provide more support as the battle to keep football at lower levels alive continues.

The impact of COVID 19 – Loughborough’s local businesses

In Loughborough, like many places in the UK, businesses are struggling due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The impact of Covid-19 on small businesses is staggering and likely to be substantial. Many small business owners are concerned.

Football without fans – Worksop Town F.C.

The tightening of the Government’s tier system has had many impacts across the country, including the effect on Non-League Football. Clubs who fall into a Tier 3 area have not been allowed supporters to attend fixtures, causing financial implications on these teams and leagues.

Second lockdown setbacks – Kidsgrove Athletic F.C.

After the ending of the second national lockdown, non-league football from below the sixth tier of English football is able to resume. However, for teams that are located in places with tier three restrictions, games have to be played behind closed doors and for Northern Premier South East Division outfit Kidsgrove Athletic, this news, therefore, has positive and negative impacts.

Chaos as car erupts in flames – Leicester Sainsbury’s

Chaos broke out when a parked Vauxhall Insignia caught fire at the local Sainsburys in Leicester. It was apparent that the vehicle suffered extensive damage throughout the interior as the blaze made its way through what looked like just the inside of the car. The engine had not appeared to be on fire. Witness Georgia Reading recalled the reaction of those around as the car went up in flames.

Vaccinations begin in Covid hotspot – Stoke-On-Trent

Covid-19 vaccinations have begun rolling out in Stoke-On-Trent. Coronavirus infections in the area have fallen to a weekly infection rate of 321.8 per 100,000 people, with Stoke being the 12th highest infected area in England. And, despite not being at the top of the priority list, residents of retirement home Bagnall Heights should not have to wait long to receive the vaccine. Bagnall Heights resident Pauline Proudman spoke about the trauma she has faced during the pandemic.