StoryHub Today: Wednesday 9th December (Team 1)

StoryHub Today: Wednesday 9th December (Team 1)

Student journalism from the University of Derby. Reporting by Amira Abuteir, Jara Rua, Cameron Spencer, Tori Blacklock and Areeb Hussain.

COVID-19 impact on retail shops

Most shops were closed or moved to online due to lockdown. And some might never be able to reopen their doors again. Will hitting the shops ever be the same?


COVID-19 impact on culture in Derby

Because of Covid-19 the whole world is facing a cultural catastrophe. Derby’s cultural and creative sector is being affected by the current crisis. For some attractions, visitor numbers are at 10% of their normal level.

Growth of e-sports

Professional gaming or esports has continued to grow year on year as professional players compete for millions of dollars each year. Esports has been recently valued in the region of $1.1 billion, but will it ever be regarded as a “real” sport?

Covid and small businesses

Covid-19 has affected thousands of lives nationwide these past few months, but especially those with small businesses. As the second lockdown loomed, many were forced to shut down and many now fear they won’t open up again. Here, we hear from a cafeteria owner in Hebden Bridge.

Gyms reopening

Gym’s have just re-opened from another lockdown – and there are health and safety procedures in place to make it a safe environment for members to attend. We hear from gym members about if they feel secure enough to come back…


COVID-19 impact on mental health

As the nights get longer, many of us are familiar with the claws of seasonal depression. But following a year of global devastation, what impact has COVID-19 had on those who already struggle? Here, we speak to one of the Mental Health Officers from the University of Derby Student Union…