StoryHub Today: Thursday 10th December (Team 1)

StoryHub Today: Thursday 10th December (Team 1)

Student journalism from the University of Derby. Reporting by Paddy Finnemore, Gummi Asgeirsson, Josh Holland, Andrew Maddox, Toby Hill and Robert Mathers.

University Travel Window

Covid-19 has caused chaos and struggles across the globe this year. The university experience for students has been very different under tighter restrictions. The government have announced a window, during which students can return home to allow them to spend time with their families. Is this the news students were hoping for?


England vs Iceland 

On a cold winter’s night in November, England and Iceland faced off in a meaningless match in the Nations League. The match was put in serious doubt due to Coronavirus related matters in Denmark, but the game eventually went ahead at Wembley.  


Young Footballers & Mental Health

Do young footballers get the correct support and guidance when they are released? Many footballers have spoken out in public about problems that are often kept behind closed doors, with many young players quitting the sport when let go from their professional clubs. One footballer who fell into depression after his career ended tells us why he thinks it happens and what he is doing to prevent it.

Crowdfunding in Non-League Football

With gate receipts gone and clubhouses shut, many football clubs have turned to crowdfunding to help them survive.  In a devastating year for football, fans have banded together to keep the clubs they love afloat. 

A White Christmas

For many, snow is synonymous with Christmas. However, the last widespread white Christmas in the UK was in 2010. In some other countries, you can always expect to see snow around Christmas time. For instance in Iceland where it’s hard to remember the last red Christmas.

Derby Christmas Market

Following Nottingham Christmas Market’s closure on Sunday, Derby council have decided to keep their own Christmas market open. That’s despite the cities being in the same Covid risk tier. There are restrictions and marshalling in place, as Robert Mathers found out.