PODCAST SERIES: My Memorable Moment

What’s the time in your life that you’ll never forget? When you felt fear or sadness, like never before? When you just couldn’t stop laughing? Or when you were totally embarrassed? Real-life guests discuss the ‘memorable moments’ that will stick with them forever.

A podcast series produced by first year Journalism and Magazine Journalism students at the University of Derby.

Episode 1:

From leaving school at 13 to studying journalism, Blee Carswell walks us through his struggle to get to where he is today. Blee speaks to Zac Roberts.

Episode 2:

In this episode of ‘My Memorable Moment’, our guest Zac Roberts opens up about a rather awkward photo. Zac is speaking to Blee Carswell.

Episode 3:

A conversation with Maria Cunha e Silva reflecting about the best trip of her life and the ups and downs it comes with living in a different country. Maria is speaking to Ines Felix.

Episode 4:

A conversation with Ines Felix about happiness, goals and personal achievements. Ines is speaking to Maria Cunha e Silva.

Episode 5:

John Tenido chat with Giancarlo Canto, a fellow Journalism student who describes his experience a child on a holiday in Italy.

Episode 6:

Giancarlo Canto interviews 19-year-old John Tenido from London who is studying Journalism at the University of Derby. They discuss what John wants to achieve from the course and his experience of being diagnosed with Hydrocephalus.