Falling in Love

Love: The Netflix original you can't help but fall for

The third and final season of Love is a tale of chaotic stability where individuals’ dreams are realised at the expense of personal loss.

Gus Cruickshank (Paul Rust) and Mickey Dobbs (Gillan Jacobs) are the stars of this on and off again relationship where neither the viewers or the characters themselves know where they will end up.

At a moment’s notice this pair can spark into an argument or an impromptu life changing decision and this season is evidence of this despite the suggested stability between them.

Mickey is still attending her alcoholics anonymous groups as well as her sex and love meetings that are helping to keep her in place. This has dramatically seen an upturn in her life at work, where she is finally succeeding.

Where Mickey is succeeding in her own right Gus is going through some troublesome times at work, with the cast of Witchita finally having taken the brunt of his annoying and persistent personality.

At times this brings into question his relationship with child actress Arya (Iris Apatow) who he has taught through the duration of the show.

Outside of floundering at his job Gus decides to bring his dreams to life when he finances his own venture into the TV industry.

A family environment is what he tries to create onset of a erotic thriller where everyone but Gus can keep there cool until he becomes too much to handle.

What makes this season so special is how each episode perfectly depicts something in our own lives and begs us to draw the similarities. We can notice Gus and Mickeys flaws and recognise how they help to make each other better.

As a recovering alcoholic and commitment scared person Mickey has the perfect partner in Gus who introduces her to his family and almost through the window we watch something that we all crave to have ourselves.

A fantastic relationship between Mickey and Gus’ family begins to grow and it’s only when the latter shows his own doubts that this begins to unfold.

The situation is resolved when Gus realises through Mickey being pushed to the point of breaking that he needs to change.

Love in this moment reminds us all that we need someone to tell us when we’re wrong and that it is the hardest thing to do when you can see no fault in them.

This show is a perfect depiction of how wrong we can be and that there is beauty in realising that people are there to help us and Love is an example of a series that makes us look inwards.