StoryHub Today: 22/4/21 (Team 2)

Student journalism from the University of Derby. Reporting by Brad Cox, Henry Bartlett, Louie Barrett, Joel Srithharan, Dan Shave, Thomas Rodgers, Theo Beevers and Robert Mathers.


Following the Government’s announcement to open pubs on Monday the 12th of April. The general public has flocked to their locals, providing much needed income to the catering businesses that have struggled over the past year. Robert Mathers explored both sides of this, talking to a brewery owner and pub worker, as well as members of the public to gauge whether the government has made the correct decision.


Football was finally allowed to return from the 29th of March and after so long without being able to play, the majority of football fans were over the moon with its long-awaited comeback. Players of all levels and abilities felt the full effects of yet another national lockdown and were left helpless without their regular football fix but just how pleased are football fans now that it’s back? Louie Barrett reports…

Southend United

Southend United football club are five games away from relegation to the National League as they continue to struggle in League Two. If the Blues fail to survive, it will be the first time in their century long history that the club will be in non-league. A devastating blow for the fans, but how does the seemingly inevitable relegation effect the club off the pitch? Theo Beevers has more.

Non – League

COVID-19 has affected sports across the country over the past year, one of the sports that has been affected the most is football, especially below the Football League in the National League and below, our reporter Tom Rodgers has more on the issues that have been at hand during the past year…


Following recent government Covid guidelines, driving lessons and tests are now allowed to take place. Robert Mathers spoke to a current learner about how different it is to learn in the current environment, as well as the delays in place.


Talk of the European Super League has been unavoidable over the last few days in football with fans across England voicing their disgust.With such heavy and unified backlash being heard, all of Englands top six clubs have now pulled out of the elitist league. Although has now seemingly returned to normal, can the supporters move past the betrayal that those beloved clubs installed? Theo Beevers and Tom Rodgers have more.