PODCAST: A Student Struggle, Double Perspective

A Student Struggle: Double Perspective

An informative podcast that looks at the different factors a student has to go through in order to survive during the covid-19 pandemic. Studying towards a degree during a pandemic means staying inside, whether university halls or private accommodation, and not being able to interact with lecturers and other students to develop understanding and progression throughout the different stages students are at. This podcast dives into this topic and what previously has happened, as well as what is currently happening in regards to government advice, university support, what it means for the education sector in the future and much more. The aim is to give comfort to students and a level of satisfaction and reassurance that there are many other students out there struggling and being challenged to cope with the anomalies of what we know now as day-to-day student life.

Eve Sharpe, a third-year student and trainee teacher provides great knowledge and advice to students from their point of view as well as explaining the struggles that lectures face and how they are dealt with. What is also discussed relates to Eve’s experiences with covid-19 and how they link with those of the many students across the globe. Each topic connects with one another to give good levels of factual information and personal thoughts to help students feel less overwhelmed and supported during this difficult period in their University lives.