Don’t panic…you’re joking?!

International Panic Day: Should University of Derby students be panicking over the coronavirus outbreak as the stock market crashes and cases of the virus rise in the UK

Microscopic view of COVID-19.

International Panic Day – aimed at getting people to stay calm – has been greeted by coronavirus chaos across the world with the stock market crashing and cases of the illness continuing to rise.

Panic Day is geared towards helping families stay relaxed, but it backfired today as the world went into meltdown over the spread of the illness.

According to Public Health England the number of cases of the virus has risen to four in Derbyshire, and across the country to 319 by 2.30pm today.

Meanwhile, £100bn was wiped off the UK’s top stock market companies as traders dubbed it ‘Black Monday’ due to the virus and a row between Russia and Saudi Arabia over oil.

Schools and universities are continuing to monitor the outbreak with the University of Derby warning staff and students to be vigilant.


In a statement the univerisity said: “We’re operating our business as normal, with all teaching taking place as planned, but continue to monitor the situation and will keep our staff and students and stakeholders updated if and when things change.”

Students at the university say they are worried about the virus and how ironic it is thaty International Panic Day is taking place in the middle of the crisis.

Student Bailey Johnson, aged 23: “I actually didn’t know Panic Day existed, but I think it fits perfectly with the rising panic over the Coronavirus.

“Initially, I didn’t think anything of the outbreak of the virus, but as the days and weeks have passed, my concern has increased.

“If you take sports for example, all games in the Italian football leagues are on the brink of postponement as a consequence of the virus, so it is a very serious case.”

One of numerous information posters plastered around the University of Derby’s Markeaton Street campus.

Another student, Melissa Drury, aged 27, expressed her concern at having to look after small children amidst the Coronavirus scare: “Having small children is always worrying when a virus like this is circulating around.

“Personally I have never heard of Panic Day, but it seems fitting for the theme of the day when something as worrying as the Coronavirus is spreading.”

Now labelled a “pandemic”, the virus which originated from Wuhan, China, has rapidly swept over the world and there are over 111,000 confirmed cases with 3,883 deaths.