What’s Next- Emily Warner

What’s Next

I join some of my best friends to have a chat about what’s next in their lives. As they make big decisions about all things careers, moving countries and goals. We discuss the journey they have taken and look back over what has shaped them into the people they are today. It’s not as cringy as it sounds, I promise.

The best, worst and everything in-between.
Episode 1

I finally catch up with my best friend, Jake Hickford to discuss what’s been happening in his life. We met six months ago on the Isle of Wight as we both just started the job as activity leaders. After three long months of spending every day at the beach and working 12 hour shifts together, we became very close friends. In the episode I talk to him about his time in the army and how it’s led him to want to work in a foster home at aged 23.