Denby Primary School Request Pedestrian Crossing

Parents call for crossing outside Denby Free Primary School

Denby Primary School

A primary school wants a pedestrian crossing outside its entrance as parents and teachers fear for the safety of their children.

More than 140 people have signed a petition calling for the crossing at Denby Free Primary School.

According to the petition the area is particularly busy during the start and end of the school day.

There have even been a few ‘near-miss’ incidents outside the school, meaning parents and teachers are worried about the safety of the youngsters.

The school’s mission statement claims it will ‘undertake a commitment to the pupils and parents to offer equal access to a wide, balanced education within a secure and safe environment’.

The petition was started by Samantha Hart, who describes herself as ‘a futurist and change driven individual who believes in better’.

According to the council, if a petition receives 7,500 signatures or more it will be scheduled for a full council debate. If a petition contains at least 3,750 signatures, the relevant chief officer will give evidence at a public meeting of the council’s appropriate improvement and scrutiny committee.

There are 60 days left for the school to get the signatures that they need.