Is Jessica Jones Season 2 any good?

Review: Jessica Jones Season 2 on Netflix

Olly Watson reviews the second series of Netflix hit Jessica Jones…

Jessica Jones Season 2 is a very good entry into the marvel Netflix universe, but is not without its almost characteristic faults that the connected series still struggles to get right.

Anyone who has been following the properties on Netflix will come to this review with the same key questions:

– Does 13 episodes feel too long?

– Does the show come across cheap?

– Does the storyline rely heavily on luck and coincidence at times?

The answer to all these questions is still unfortunately yes, but if you are willing to forgive the shortcomings then this is definitely one of the stronger entries into the defenders storyline.

13 episodes doesn’t feel as dragged out as some of the more recent entries, like Luke Cage and Iron Fist but it has an ending that slows to a halt rather than keeping the pace right till the last scene. The final two or three episodes in particular could have been condensed into one, allowing for an epilogue of sorts to tie up any loose ends.

There are several moments, mainly in the first few episodes, where the special effects used are so outdated that they almost take you out of the moment. Most the moments involving effects are in serious moments, so the almost comically bad effects mean that the emotions conveyed in the scene are very different to what the director intended.

Finally, the storyline, without giving too much away, was a little too cliched on the whole.

The complaints from people about past villains seem to have been amalgamated into one person here, which was frustrating initially but the storyline that unfolds overall makes it forgivable.

This is without doubt the best series in terms of character development, which is made all the better due to it being a second series. We already have a knowledge of the key players and how they behave, so to watch as all their stories unfold is very compelling and satisfying. No character changes drastically, still having hiccups and drawbacks along the way.

Despite the show being about Jessica, the show is made by it’s villainous characters, as well as brilliant sub plots for Jeri Hogarth, Trish Walker and Malcolm Ducasse. The acting on the whole certainly carries the story well, with the meandering pace being the main reason for losing focus on the episodes instead of how the actors portrayed their characters during the series.

Overall, this is definitely a series for those already invested in the series. The release of the show on International Woman’s Day may have sparked an interest in some people, who may enjoy the show just in the knowledge that the entire show is written and directed by a who’s who of female talents in the industry. But without having watched Season 1, there is not enough good stuff here to recommend it.