Kobe Basketball shoe deal comes to an end

The history of Kobe Bryant’s iconic shoe deal with Nike

Kobe Bean Bryant was one of the most talented and influential players to ever play the game of basketball. This was clearly reflected in the...
Person using Spotify to search for music

Five up-and-coming artists who you may not know about, but should

It is pretty much guaranteed that people have listened to just about every song on their on their playlist right now, particularly during the...
Record store displaying various albums

These are five albums to look out for in 2021

Music has been the saving grace for a lot of people over this lockdown period, but so many albums across the industry have been...



StoryHub Today: 29/4/21 (Team 1)

Student journalism from the University of Derby. Reporting from Brad Cox, Henry Bartlett, Louie Barratt, and Joel Srithiran. Does Ole Gunnar Solskjaer deserve a new...