Jara Rua

An image of a Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies: what are they and how do they work?

By now, most of you should have heard about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, NFT… But do you really know what all this is about? We are going...
An image of The Batman

How good is The Batman?

It began as Ben Affleck's greatest movie in the DC Extended Universe and ended as a spiritual sequel/prequel to Christopher Nolan's legendary The Dark...
An image of an excavator collecting some rubbish

The environmental impact of fast fashion

Dressing fashionable, having the best looks, renewing our wardrobe each season and getting carried away by sales, undoubtedly generates illusion and emotion in most...
An image of some food

How food may affect your mood

Beyond the nutrients or the calories, foods could influence the mood of those who consume them.  An aspect that is given not only by the...



Yellow weather warning issued for Derby and Derbyshire

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for Derby and Derbyshire this afternoon (Monday, May 16). According to the Met Office, there are...