Around the world in 90 minutes: The benefits of supporting your football team across the world

“Every trip is an adventure, we’ve had some unforgettable experiences, from Walsall to Warsaw.”

Following your football team around the world has its mixed opinions.

In the midst of hooliganism and bad stereotypes is the adventure and joy of cheering your team on with those you travel with, it all adds up to an experience like no other.

But beyond the thrill of the game itself, there are deeper benefits to be found.

For many football fans, travelling with their team provides a sense of belonging and community as you travel in thousands with the same purpose.

As football fans travel in support, they forge bonds with fellow fans from all walks of life, united by their passion for their team.

These experiences create memories and friendships that stay long after the final whistle has blown.

But it’s not just about the social aspect, following your football team can also have significant mental health benefits.

The excitement and adrenaline rush of match day provides a welcome distraction from many of life’s stresses, offering a much-needed escape for those who seek it.

The sense of purpose and belonging that comes from being part of a global community of fans can provide a powerful boost to the fan’s overall well-being.

Lachlan and Dan’s Experience

For Aston Villa fans Lachlan and Dan, they happened to meet whilst at university three years ago.

Since, they have become best friends as they follow Aston Villa together, “There’s something special about being surrounded by other Villa fans.”

“You all go with the same purpose, that brings you all together,” they say.

“It’s like we’re part of a family, no matter where we go, it feels the same.” Dan explains, emphasising the sense of camaraderie that comes from travelling with fellow fans.

“We’ve met some great people, it might be quite bad to say this but honestly, the 90 minutes doesn’t make the day” he adds.

The AMEX Stadium, Brighton
Brighton and Aston Villa fans welcome the teams out to the pitch: Image taken by Josh Ward

From the streets of Amsterdam to some of England’s biggest stadiums, following Aston Villa on their journey has already taken Lachlan and Dan to some incredible destinations across the world.

With no plans to stop, Lachlan and Dan will continue to follow Villa’s journey up the football pyramid, currently competing for a Champions League spot they have the prospect of visiting some of Footballs biggest stadiums.

“Not to get ahead of ourselves but, it would be massive, makes it all worth it, Real Madrid, Milan, Paris…”

“We’ve all seen the incredible few months Newcastle had, so why can’t that be us? It’s hard not to get too excited!”

However, many unaware of these benefits believe that football fans travel in numbers to cause trouble,

The negatives surrounding ‘away days’ being heavily documented over time…

Despite this, Lachlan still expresses his love for the hobby…

“I’m a strong believer in that you have to try something out before you critique it, and it’s no different here, for any football fan once you go to an away game, trust us you won’t want to stop!”

“Sure, some people overstep the mark, but it’s up to yourself to represent your club the right way.”

“It’s more than just a game for many,” Dan reflects. “It’s your hobby, your enjoyment, one that brings us friendships, and opportunities that will last a lifetime.”