By Jack Hasler

Wayne Rooney has undermined the concept of the European Super League by saying: “I couldn’t tell you who the top six clubs are in this country.”

The newly proposed league, featuring 12 of Europe’s biggest clubs, including Rooney’s former side Manchester United, was announced on Sunday night and has sparked masses of conversation across the football world.

“There’s many teams fighting to be in the top four, not just the six in the Super League. Everything I’ve seen yesterday and this morning, it’s strange,” said the ex-England captain.

Reports have stated that clubs involved could be thrown out of both their domestic leagues and Europe’s top competitions – the Champions League and Europa League.

Players involved may also be unable to feature for their countries in both World Cup and European Championships.

On this, Rooney said: “I would never give up playing for my country.

“I think it’s a strange situation to come out but I’m sure there’s reasons for it. I think the best thing to do is wait and find out how it’s actually going to work.”

The owners of the clubs involved have been widely criticised for the decision to become founding members of the competition. Rooney, however, refused to join those speaking out against the names in charge of the Super League clubs.

“The people in charge of these clubs are not stupid,” the Derby County manager said at his regular pre-match press conference before Tuesday’s visit to Preston North End. “Rather than jump the gun I think we should wait to see what information comes out.

“I just hope the English pyramid is protected to allow these clubs to do what they’re planning on doing.”