The ‘What News?’ Podcast: Rescue Dogs vs Pedigree Dogs

The 'What News' Podcast: Rescue Dogs vs Pedigree Dogs


Podcast Description:

Enjoy learning about topics but don’t really understand them? Whether the stories are hard hitting like Brexit or softer and involve animals, The What News Podcast looks at different topics and tries to simplify them to make them easier to understand, with trying to break down the stigma of ‘confusing news’.

Episode Description:

On social media you do see pictures and videos of dogs being adopted from rescue centres but what you also see is posts asking about pedigree dog breeders who breed a particular type of dog. After having two rescue dogs herself, Abby Hills dives in deep and asks the question: Why are people still buying puppies from breeders instead of going to visit rescue shelters first? With the help of Just for Dogs and The Ark in Ashbourne, Abby asks the questions we want to hear the answers to.