Sex education in schools to be banned for under 9s.

Free student texting during class image, public domain CC0 photo.

Sex education in Primary schools is set to be banned for under nines, according to new guidance released by the Government.

The revised document is set to outline changes for teaching sex and relationships to children, which includes gender identity.

And the measures the Government are taking to change what children are being taught in these lessons, particularly with gender identity, being a main factor of concern.

This topic has come into circulation because of a review Rishi Sunak launched after the topic was discussed and backed by Conservative MPs with the reviewing of the Sex Education curriculum for schools

Ministers are said to warn schools about the risks of teaching gender identity to children at a young age and is said to restrict certain topics to over aged 13. It is said that teachers are not allowed to engage in topics surrounding this.

Rishi Sunak has said to have been worried about the impacts of the teaching of gender identity may have on mental health when taught, and that “scientific facts” should only be taught to children.

The guidance to this is due to be released on Thursday.