May – Mental Health Awareness Month and students deal with stress

Mental health spelled out with letters.
Mental health spelled out with letters. Photo: Miles Davies/ Alamy Stock Photo

May, being the Mental Health Awareness Month, is the best time to ask students of the University of Derby about their top tips on how they deal with stress.

Having walked around and interviewed five students, here are their answers:

Anjini Kumari (24): “I like to go out either to nature or explore new places, enjoy time with my friends and most importantly talk to them and share my thoughts with them.”

Huga Alhamdi (29): “I take yoga classes, meditate and listen to music when feeling too stressed.”

Dylan (20): “Honestly, I deal with stress by going to therapy and working on myself in that way.”

Manider Kaur (22): “I go to the temple and share my feelings with God, the longer I stay, the better I feel.”

Mark (24): “When feeling stressed, I like to listen to music.”

The University offers help with mental health and dealing with stress to students and has many ways of supporting them with their issues.

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