How to boost your mood when feeling down

Woman in the field meditating
Meditation can boost your mood. Photo: Zbynek Pospisil / Alamy Stock Photo

May 13 to 19 marks Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK.

For most students, May can be a stressful month as deadlines are approaching and projects need to be done.

That is why it is especially important to plan in time to rest and recharge.

Everyone can feel a bit more down, frustrated, or stressed every so often but what are some of the things people do to make themselves feel better in situations like this? We asked University of Derby students.

Raja, 24, says he loves to go out and play cricket with his friends: “I usually play for about 2-4 hours.

“It refreshes my body and my mind.

“I don’t use my phone, I spend time outdoors with my friends exercising. It always makes me feel better.”

Criminology student Amelia, 19, says that she loves to read when feeling low or overwhelmed: “I like to read – anything really.

“It helps me to escape the reality. It is just distracting.”

However Dylan, 20, says he likes to watch a film and have a nice cup of coffee. To why it helps, he responded:

“I think it just takes my mind off of university work. It sort of takes me out of it for a little bit. And helps me process everything.”

Here are some more tips on how to boost your low mood:

1. Gratitude journal

Write a list of everything that you are grateful for. Think about all the good things – people, events, achievements, etc. – that make you happy or proud.

2. Music

Listening to your favourite song can make you feel a lot better, maybe even encourage you to sing or dance along.

3. Chatting

Talking and connecting with other people can help you to forget about the struggles, as well as lifting up your mood.

4. Meditation

Meditation can help reduce anxiety and stress. Deep breaths, slow music, maybe a warm bath… Great for both your body and mind.