Futsal – What is it and how can I get involved?

Leicester Futsal training. - Photo by Joe Peters

Futsal – What is it and how can I get involved?

If you enjoy football, then there is no doubt that you would absolutely enjoy Futsal. If you are unfamiliar with the sport, then let me explain…

Manchester Cycling Centre – Home of Manchester Futsal Club – Photo by Joe Peters

Futsal Rules

– Indoor, mainly played in sports halls/basketball courts

– 2 halves that are 20 minutes each.

– The clock stops when the ball is out of play.

– 1 goalkeeper and 4 outfield players, with unlimited substitutions.

– Play indoors with smaller goals and a heavier ball.

– Every 6 fouls equal a penalty to the opposition from the 10m spot.

– Designed for very good technical football players.

– Fast pace and never a dull moment.

Many people who love football do not even know that futsal exists. In England, there is no doubt that the sport is growing and now is the best time to get involved and leave your mark. 

Futsal has absolutely dominated BUCS at university level, and has been the most popular sport for students to play. There is no doubt that it is growing at a fast rate in the UK and offers players the chance to play on TNT Sports, Youtube and even the chance to compete in the Champions League. Also, you get a very special opportunity to play at St George’s Park and get to see where the England National Football team trains on international break.

There are lots of Futsal teams in the UK, but the very best play in the National Futsal Series Tier 1 and 2, which in football terms is equivalent to the Premier League and EFL Championship.

Teams such as Leicester and Birmingham play in the second tier however, Derby and Manchester are currently in the highest tier. However, some of the best teams in the country are student teams, with Loughborough University also competing in the top tier and their B team in the second tier. Additionally, it allows you and your team to visit different cities just like a professional footballer.

So how can you join? – Simply go down to your local club – Could be Derby, Leicester, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bolton, Sunderland, East Riding, Loughborough, Nottingham, Northampton, Kent, Cambridge, Bloomsbury, London Genesis, Southampton, Wessex, Maidenhead, York, Southend, Braintree and many many more!


Leicester Futsal Training – Photo by Joe Peters