Derbyshire police launch anti-knife crime campaign

Police Community Support Officers walking through a city.
Police Community Support Officers walking down the street. Photo: James Boardman / Alamy Stock Photo

Between May 13th to 19th, Derbyshire Police is running an Anti-Knife Crime Campaign as part of Operation Sceptre – early intervention, education, and enforcement. 

Police Community Support Officers attended Da-Vinci Academy in Derby where students took part in a board game called “Shattered Board”.

It involved making decisions on how they would react in a real-life situation involving a knife, as well as learning about the law and the consequences around knives. 

The PCSOs also attended Beaufort Primary School,  and students were taught about knife crime as part of the Mini Police program. 

At Lees Brook Academy, the officers displayed a pop up stall about knife crime followed by visiting local retail businesses and delivering leaflets regarding knife selling and the law around it.