Chesterfield’s unmissable one-day festival

Plaguesfest, 14 July 2024 in Chesterfield. Photo by Crowd Funder.
Plaguesfest, 14 July 2024 in Chesterfield. Photo by Crowd Funder.

Plaguefest is an exciting one-day festival that takes place on Sunday July 14, at Clay Cross Football Ground, Chesterfield.

With more than 11 hours of music – starting from midday and finishing late – there will also be comedians, fire performers, dancers, wrestling, and much more, the public isurged to not miss out.

At Plaguefest there will not only be all manner of entertainment, but also face painting, contests, auctions, more than a dozen different food and drink stalls, and so much more. For £15 a ticket, this has to be a proper bargain.

Craig Boden, the organiser of Plaguefest, says all proceeds that are made by and throughout the festival will be directly donated to Macmillan Cancer Support, arguably showing the authenticity and passion behind the festival.

The bands that are playing at Plaguefest are mainly tribute acts such as a Ghost cover band – Popestars, Paramore cover band – ParamoreGB, but a recognisable name will hit the stage, in the form of Tony Wright.

The frontman for the Bradford punk rock band Terrorvision, Tony, is set to perform at Plaguefest. So expect nothing less than almighty havoc on the stage. With the band describing themselves as the ‘go-to’ band for festivals, seeing what Tony has in store for the festival is something nobody would want to miss out on.

Terrorvision formed in 1988 and aimed to be the biggest band Bradford had ever seen. From having five hit albums and 13 chart-topping singles, Terrorvision were no longer a local pub band but their name was flying across all European stages, which put Bradford on the map.

Unfortunately, in 2001, after 10 years of touring consistently on the road, the band put their self-proclaimed “brain-fried” heads together and called it a day with the band, separating and going different ways. This was up until 2005 when the band got offered to play at a handful of gigs and festivals, bringing the lads back together and led them to write their first album since they split.

With the pressure of touring and feeling overwhelmed, they broke off the band again in 2012, calming their mentalities and diverting their lives into different paths. That was up until 2016 when Thunder, an 80s rock band from London, invited Terrorvision to be guests on their arena shows.

Terrorvision, since reuniting, have performed several gigs without overtaxing their bodies from excessive touring. Notably, they played at venues like Assembly Halls in London, Manchester Academy 2, and Islington Assembly Hall in London.

As Plaguefest rapidly approaches, the excitement of seeing how smoothly the day goes grows stronger day by day. The festival has been getting a lot of attention over the last few months, with everyone talking about the need for something huge to happen in Chesterfield!