Why an Italian holiday is the perfect way for students to treat themselves at the end of the semester

Italy: Our suggestion for students on a well-deserved end-of-the-semester holiday

Italy has lots of beautiful views to offer. Photo: Grete Ubartaite

There’s no doubt the end of the semester can be incredibly exhausting for university students. 


Multiple deadlines per day, exams that require intensive concentration, and a very down-to-earth need to make memories with your friends can take all your energy away.


If this description fits your daily routine, we have an idea for you that might bring some end-of-term inspiration (and something to look forward to!).


Here is a short guide to an affordable short holiday next to Lake Como in Northern Italy to make sure that you believe in the beauty of life again.


Plane tickets


It would be a sin not to take advantage of the fact that we live in a low-cost airline era.


Tickets from England to Milan Bergamo airport cost as low as £16 for a round-trip.


The bad news is you only get to take a backpack with you, but the good news is no one is going to check the size of your backpack.


As long as you do not bring a human-sized one, you are going to be fine.


Besides, be honest with yourself: how many outfits do you take on the holiday and how many of them do you wear?


The beauty of Italy is only a cheap flight away. Photo: Grete Ubartaite

Train, bus and ferry tickets


Train tickets are more than affordable and, to reach Lake Como from Milan Bergamo airport, it will cost you around £15.


If you choose to travel by bus, it is even cheaper and – depending on your timetable – you can spend less than £10.


If you decide to travel around Lake Como and see different towns, depending on the distance and the transportation, the prices between the stops can vary from £2 to £10+.




Finding accommodation will be the part that will take the longest and, in general, takes up most of the holiday finances.


As it is the start of the season, the prices have gone up and it will be harder to find a reasonable room – however, it is not impossible.


If you are looking for something more luxurious, be prepared to open your wallet wide.


There are lots of more affordable options around Lake Como if you are just looking for a place to drop your backpack and somewhere to sleep.


Prices for a private room start from £30 and, if you are willing to stay in a hostel in a shared bedroom, you could find something even cheaper.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Sharing your space with strangers has all the benefits of making new connections from all around the world but be sure to take extra precautions regarding your safety.


Click here to visit AirBnB.

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The fun part


Lake Como, in general, is a magnificent creation of nature, so even if you decide to stay in one town, it will be a wonderful holiday.


For example, Bellano, a small town located on the right side of the lake, will allow you to have your morning cup of coffee with the most mesmerising view.


If you are a fan of sightseeing, there are loads of castles, churches, monasteries, and botanical gardens to visit.


Varrena, a small town located just below Bellano ,has a lovely botanical garden together with a historical villa and museum. The ticket price for that varies between 8 to 20 euros.


If you are looking for a more active holiday, take your comfiest shoes as the lake is located within the most breath-taking mountain landscape.


Or, if you are a fan of colder water, be sure to dive into the lake itself.


In general, whatever you fancy, Lake Como can offer it all, just be sure to the research.