We give our verdict on the sausage and cider festival that came to Derby

The UK's Sausage and Cider Festival came to Derby - and here's what we thought

This is an image which shows sausages being cooked
Sausages are being cooking by the boatload. Credit: Tayte Fordham

The weather was perfect, there were sausages by the bucket and there was plenty of cider to boot.  

The UK-touring Sausage and Cider Festival took place at Derby’s Bustler Market last weekend – and there can be no doubt it was a huge success. 

The over-18s event offered a wide array of activities and freebies for all adults to enjoy and, from free tasters to classic arcade games and competitions, there was loads to do while relaxing in the sun. 

You could also eat sausages by the boatload, given that there were loads of stands which offered a range of weird and wonderful types of sausage. 

My personal favourite was the maple and chilli dog. It was to die for!  

But you also had pork and black pudding, pork and jalapeno and pork and stilton amongst many others.. 

You even had the choice of a cider-flavoured sausage (although, I decided it wasn’t for me).  

The Sausage and Cider Festival so far has delivered over 250,000 pints since starting the event and that number is set to continue to rise, with many more festivals planned in the future.  


Companies flocked from all over the country to be at the event. 

Established brewers from Brothers Cider and Cotswold Cider Company were also present, but faced tough competition from smaller independent brewers – especially one who had a chocolate-flavoured cider. 

The festival also hosted a number of challenges throughout the day, where the public could get involved and win prizes.

There was the Fastest Sausage Eating contest, where you see how fast you can eat one metre of sausage.

Then the Chilli Eating competition, which involved six rounds of chilli eating, where the chillies got hotter each time. 

Don’t worry if you missed this event, the Sausage and Cider Fest is returning, but this time unfortunately in Dundee on May 20 from 6pm – 11pm.