Formula One driver Charles Leclerc crashes Niki Lauda’s Ferrari

Formula One Championship leader Charles Leclerc crashes Niki Lauda's Ferrari at Monaco Historic Grand Prix

This is an image of Charles Leclerc racing in 2018.
Charles Leclerc racing for Ferrari in 2019. Photo: Artes Max / Flickr ( and

Formula One driver Charles Leclerc crashed during a demonstration run in Niki Lauda’s championship winning car at the weekend.  

It happened at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, which sees drivers from all over the world have a chance to drive some of the oldest and most historic Formula One cars. 

Leclerc was on his third demo lap when the incident happened in the second-to-last corner.

Causing damage to the rear wing, Leclerc proceed to carry on until stopping on the main straight. 

In fact, the crash wasn’t the Monégasque’s fault as, earlier in the lap, he was having trouble with the brakes.

Leclerc was recorded saying: “I lost the brakes. I lost the brakes!

“I braked, the pedal was hard, and it went to the floor.” 

Leclerc later took to Twitter to explain what happened and express his disappointment.

Since coming to Formula One, Leclerc has had zero luck when it comes to his home race, the Monaco Grand Prix.

He crashed when losing his brakes in his rookie season in F1 and retired when gaining damage to the floor in 2019.

Then, in 2021, he got pole position but was unable to start due to his crash in qualifying. 

But going into the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix, Leclerc has the fastest F1 car, thanks to Ferrari getting a great start on the new 2022 regulations.

This year is his best shot at trying to at least finish a home race. 

Charles Leclerc currently sits at the top of the driver’s standings, with the F1 circus coming to Monaco on May 29.