Halo Infinite Season 2 review

Halo Infinite Season 2 review: Why has it all gone so wrong?

Halo Infinite Gameplay
Halo Multiplayer (Credit: 343 Industries, Microsoft)

Halo is a gaming franchise that is worth billions since the first game released in 2001. 

It has become the face of the Xbox console with many people buying one just to play Halo. 

However, over the past few years, it has felt like Halo is slowly being pushed to the sidelines and Season 2 heavily points towards this. 

When Halo Infinite launched with a laughable amount of content, it was promised things would get better over time. 

Season 2 proves that things will get better however over how long is the big question. 

The addition of two new maps Catalyst and Breaker adds some welcome variety to a game desperate for some. 

Catalyst is a map to be played in the arena game mode with 4 vs 4 player combat. It is visually pleasing to look at whilst also providing plenty of new ways to fight your enemy. 

The most fun game mode to play on this map is capture the flag with the map built on a three-lane system which allows the player plenty of freedom. 

But it is underwhelming for only one map to be added to the arena playlist when it is already lacking. 

The same can be said for Breaker, a map inspired by the protagonists of the campaign, the brutes. 

However, this is a welcome addition to its bigger game modes due to the current ones all look very similar. 

Halo Image of the grass biome
The Halo vehicle (Warthog), traversing the grassy fields of Zeta Halo. Credit: 343 Industries, Microsoft

With this map, the new mode last spartan standing has been introduced which appears to be testing the waters to how the community feels about the Battle Royale genre. 

Altogether, the thing that makes this season redemable is the Battle Pass. 

Every game seems to have a Battle Pass so it is important that it provides the best value. 

It is clear that 343 Industries have taken criticism from the first Battle Pass with the second one making a big change. 

Currency has now been added to the Battle Pass which now allows players to get more value by playing and able to purchase items in the store just by playing the pass. 

Overall, this season will have to be 3/5 stars despite it being a step in the right direction, Halo Infinite needs a lot more to make it stand out in an industry filled with shooters. 

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