Halo Infinite Season 2 has left fans unhappy

Xbox fans upset with Halo Infinite season 2 lacking content

The broken ring hints more than you might think. Credit: 343 Industries, Microsoft

Halo Season 2 has had a bad start. 

After almost four months since the original release of Halo Infinite, fans have noticed that despite the great gameplay, it is lacking something. 

That something is content. 

Unfortunately, it appears that Halo fans have been left with more to complain about than praise with the arrival of Halo Infinite Season 2. 

Despite two new maps and a few gamemodes that have been added to freshen things up, Halo fans are still feeling that the game is still in an unacceptable state. 

Fans believe the game is missing content that should have been there at launch.

With this being all that has been shown within four months this has resulted in disapointment.

However, the pain is set to last longer for Halo fans. It has been announced that Season 3 will take an extra three months to release. 

This has angered not only Halo fans but also content creators and streamers who solely dedicate themselves to making Halo content. 

HaloFollower, is one of the biggest YouTube channels for Halo with over 730,000 subscribers. 

Chris, from HaloFollower believes that despite this season being a step in the right direction, it is not enough to keep the players, playing Halo. 

Altogether, the horizon for Halo Infinite looks bright despite it being clouded with darkness currently. 

343 Industries have released their roadmap for the game so Halo fans just need to hold out until they finally get the game they deserve. 

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