5 things to expect from season two of Heartstopper

5 things to expect from Netflix series Heartstopper season two

Nick from Heartstopper
Nick from Heartstopper. Credits: Netflix /Courtesy Everett Collection

Heartstopper fans are hoping that Netflix will commission a second series of the show which started life as a comic book.

If season two goes ahead, this is what could happen in the new season…

We already saw that there are differences between the comic book and TV series, so what they’re going to leave out now?

1. A trip to Paris!

This is probably the most exciting thing that most of the fans were waiting for!

It would mean that we’re getting a lot of cute moments between Nick and Charlie where they sadly (for them) cannot sleep in one bed.

Paris is also where their relationship gets a bit stronger and deeper especially when Nick sees a little bit more different side of Charlie.

Forgetting the romance bit of the show, it is important to mention the friendship these kids have, so the moment that we would get to see would be incredible.

2. More cute interaction between the couples

Tara and Darcy, Heartstopper
Tara and Darcy, Heartstopper. Credits: Netflix /Courtesy Everett Collection

Tara and Darcy going crazy together or for each other is always a way to go, in the comic books we only saw glimpses of their relationship together but it’s interesting what the series will decide to bring us.

Just thinking about Tao and Ellie together makes it all better. It’s time to get together and show the feelings that they have for each other.

Of course, there is Nick and Charlie but as mentioned before it will bring more serious talks between them but also so much cute stuff!

3. Lots of coming out scenes

You might think that everyone already knows about Charlie being gay, and Nick told his mom that he’s bisexual. Also, their friends already know that they’re a couple.

However, both of them will have a chance to understand that they might have to keep coming out to other people for a long time.

People from the school, Nick’s friends and the rest of his family. Just be ready, as it might not always be as beautiful as we would all hope so.

4. Heartbreak

Charlie and Ben heartstopper
Charlie and Ben after the movie night with Nick’s friends. Credits: Netflix /Courtesy Everett Collection

The Netflix series loves drama as we saw with the first season and the second one will not be less dramatic.

In the comic books, it is mentioned that Charlie has an eating disorder, this might be triggering for some to watch, but it will be interesting to see how it will be dealt with.

Nick’s brother coming back home will cause a lot of stress for him. Just his presence will be annoying, but let’s hope Nick’s mom will interrupt his nonsense from time to time.

We might even reach the part where Nick tells his father about his bisexuality but wouldn’t it be a little bit too much in one season?

5. Character development

Charlie and Nick heartstopper
Charlie and Nick, Heartstopper. Credits: Netflix /Courtesy Everett Collection

As there are a lot of hardships the viewers, as well as characters, will have a chance to learn some valuable lessons.

For example, how Nick and Charlie’s relationship is 100% cute and amazing, but they can’t save each other, they need other people to help.

Or maybe standing up for themselves and how important it is even if it’s scary.

But let’s leave those for Netflix to decide and wait for the second season announcement.