Five things to expect in the coming months in Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Five things we can look forward to in the coming months

Falling Guillotine
The legendary sword will now have no light limit and will be infusible into the Witch Queen DLC. Credit: Bungie

Destiny 2 has now been going for the last four years – and through the numerous highs and lows of the game, the community have held onto the hope that the game can flourish once again.

With the release of The Road to the Witch Queen article by Bungie, it has once again ignited the passionate fan base and given them some hope for the future.

We break down the five key points from the article.

1) Sunsetting is being Sunset from the game

Sunsetting was introduced back in seasons of Arrivals and was planned to rotate out older guns that were being overused by the community.

However, this led to major community backlash with people being unhappy that the weapons that they had grinded for months at a time to receive now suddenly obsolete.

Bungie announced that any gun and armour piece that can still be enhanced to max power limit will stay around all the way to the next big DLC drop: Witch Queen. So that god roll Falling Guillotine will come along into the new year.

2) A renewed focus on improving the Crucible experience

Bungie is splitting their focus on the crucible into three key points to help improve the climate of the PvP mode:

  • At the start of Season 15, addressing three-peaking in competitive crucible modes to make sure nobody is getting an unfair advantage.
  • Tweaking the Stasis supers to bring them more in line with the light subclasses and improving the efficiency of the underperforming light subclass trees in the crucible.
  • Introduce new perks into the game to help diversify the different guns that you will come across and reduce the usage rates of abilities in the Crucible.

Bungie are also looking at overhauling the Trials of Osiris reward structure as well as increasing the availability of the crucible game mode to solo players and changing how the card system works for players.

3) A new transmog system for armour called ‘Armour Synthesis’

At the start of Season 14, Bungie are bringing in a new system that gives Guardians the ability to change the appearance of their armour pieces.

Any piece of armour that a player has in their collection will be turned into a universal ornament which can be applied to any armour piece for a price of silver or using Synthesis materials.

Shaders are also getting a small rework for this new system, which will allow you to apply any shader that you have unlocked in your collections to armour pieces, rather than having to horde them in your inventory.

Like the look of the Europa armour but don’t have a good stat roll yet. Armour Synthesis will allow to change your current armour to match the look of it. Credit: Bungie

4) Cross-platform play coming at the start of Season 15

Bungie are setting a time frame of the start of Season 15 for the introduction of cross-platform play between consoles and PC players, finally bridging that gap.

However, they are keeping the crucible pools separate between the two. Unless a PC player invites their console playing friend to their fireteam, where they will then search in the PC pool of players for crucible.

5) Return of Vault of Glass

The original destiny raid is set to return to Destiny 2 with an accompanying “world’s first” race. This is a unique race where players have to complete a curated set of challenges to claim the raid belt.

The Bungie team are also looking at adding a “master” difficulty version of the raids in the future to increase the difficulty of the raids and for them to be a little less forgiving if a teammate messes up a mechanic.