The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Epic Season Finale- Beware spoilers ahead.  

Everything that we loved about 'The falcon and Winter soldier finale - Spoilers beware!

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For the past six weeks, Marvel fanatics and curious Disney plus viewers have been engrossed in the action-packed Heroic series. The latest episode 6 brings the limited series to a close and is appropriately titled One World One people. Eagle-eyed viewers would remember this phrase as the motto of the super serum enhanced flag smashers.  

Sam Wilson ‘aka Falcon’ finally takes up the ‘Captian America’ mantle

As the flag smashers enter their final act- sieging the Global Repatriation Council Summit (GRC) and taking the members hostage; we see a familiar silhouette enter the scene. This figure of course being the new stars and stripescladded Falcon who introduces himself to security as Captain America.  

In the past, the Falcon has wielded the Captain America shield and persona in the comics, so this revelation was highly anticipated and appreciated by many viewers who were familiar with the Marvel franchise. Along with a dazzling pair of Vibranium wings thanks to the Wakandans, Sam Wilson, not to be confused with Black Falcon or Captain Falcon (jokes names produced during the show); dons a new suit that the show creators borrowed straight from the comics.  

It was Sharon Carter all along.

The series finale reveals that Agent Sharon Carter was the power broker all along. Naturally, it came as a surprise to many and it turns out she has been pulling the strings all along. While it was set up by the show that her endgame was a pardon by the US government following her exile in Madripoor as a direct result of her actions in Captain America 3; her intentions for the pardon were more nefarious than expected.  

The Marvel Comic Universe rights old wrongs.

The finale comes full circle with Isaiah Bradley living to see an African American man wield the Captain America shield. Following his own erasure from American History books due to his race. Moreover, it is revealed by Sam Wilson that there is a new wing in the Captain America exhibit dedicated to him as well as the other members of his squad involved in the testing of Super Serum in the American Military. 

‘Bucky’ Barnes mirrors Isiah Bradley’s moment as well by overcoming his past. He has become a fully-fledged hero after being a hypnotized Hydra assassin for 70 years. This was illustrated by the showrunners in a melancholic scene of his therapist receiving a gift with all the names in his burn book being crossed out.  

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier proves itself to be another success for Marvel; a franchise that continues to soar and clearly has no intentions of slowing down.