2021’s most anticipated games

Top 7 most anticipated games of 2021

2021’s most anticipated games


2020 was a tough year, but at least 2021 is giving us something to look forward to, here are the 7 most anticipated games


7 – GhostWire: Tokyo

credit @Bethesda// @TangoGameworks

After Tokyo is overrun by supernatural forces and 99% of the population has disappeared, you must use everything in your arsenal to fight back and unravel the mystery in this action RPG by Tango Game works.

Little is known about this game outside of the small gameplay reveal which seems to show the player character fighting modern day twists on traditional Japanese Yokai using a range of supernatural powers.

Due to release later in 2021, this game seems to have developed its own cult following already.


6- Horizon Forbidden West

Credit @GuerillaGames

A sequel to the critically acclaimed Horizon: Zero Dawn, Forbidden West takes Aloy and the player out west to California to discovers secrets long buried.

The game seems to have the same base formula of hunting for resources to survive, improve gear and craft weapons. The machines the player will come across are bigger, badder and far more interesting with some of them now being used as beats of war by human tribes.

With no confirmed release date, this game is slated to release later in 2021.


5- Deathloop

Credit @ArkaneStudios

Developed by Arkane Studios who developed the much-loved Dishonoured series, Deathloop seems to run along a similar vein.

You play as Assassin Colt who is trapped in a time loop and lives in an endless cycle as he is hunted by eight powerful assassins…unless you hunt them first. The time loop setting allows the player the freedom to take new paths and try new options repeatedly.

This game is due for release on September 14th 2021.


4- FarCry 6

Credit @Ubisoft

A much-loved series and a staple of Ubisoft’s titles, FarCry free will have you fight to free the Island of Yara from the clutches of dictator, the tyrannical Anton Castillo.

A Ubisoft title, this means the game will likely stick with the tried and trusted Ubisoft formula. The setting of a guerrilla style revolution is nothing new to the series and so players can assume accurately, what they’ll be getting out of this title.

With no official release date, this game is set to be released in late 2021.



3- Resident Evil Village

credit @Capcom

Another title is the much loved and respected resident evil franchise, this game follows in the previous instalments footsteps by going First-Person.

You’ll play as Ethan Winters again, the protagonist from the previous instalment as he looks for his daughter Rose in a mysterious Village. Between Werewolf looking enemies and a family of Vampires, Ethan has his work cut out for him as he traverses the Village and the Castle that looks down upon it.

This game is set to release on May 7th.


2 – God of War: Ragnarok

Credit @SantaMonicaStudios

Nothing is known about Ragnarok other than it’s a sequel to the previous entry in the series.

Developed by Santa Monica and a PS5 exclusive that is all the information we have. Do we play as Kratos or Loki? Is there a time skip? Will there be any major character deaths?

No one knows, but anticipation for the game is high. The game is said to release in 2021.


1 – Halo Infinite

Credit @343Industries

The latest instalment in the franchise, Halo Infinite breathes new life into the series by giving payers free reign over an open world.

Taking place after the events of Halo 5, you play as John-117 as he fights back against the Banished on Zeta Halo. Using whatever weapons and vehicles you come across take the fight how you want to, be slow and methodical or run into the fray guns blazing. This is the first open world halo game and people are excited.

The game is said to release in the Holiday Period of 2021.