What can we expect from the upcoming event for Destiny 2?

Destiny 2: What to expect from Guardian Games

Guardian games armour
The three classes in the Guardian Games armour are set to duke it out over three weeks to see which class is the best. Credit: Bungie

The Guardian Games are right around the corner, and the three classes of Destiny are preparing to duke it out to see which class will come out on top.

To prove which class is the best in the game, they will prove themselves in activities and completing bounties and medals.

In last year’s Guardian Games, Titans were completely dominant – winning all but one of the days during the three-week period and getting a statue that has been ever-present next to Commander Zavala for the last year.

However, this year could be different with Bungie changing up how they are tracking the progression between the classes: giving the Hunters and Warlocks a better chance of grabbing first place and possibly winning the event.

The tower will be decorated in Guardian Games colours, with the podium in the centre, showing the position of each class on the day. Credit: Bungie

Bungie has overhauled the event from last year, adding new features and challenges to complete as well as new rewards for guardians to chase. Let’s take a look over what to expect from the upcoming Guardian Games.

Some of the systems have remained, with class laurels sticking around. They allow guardians to purchase bounties from the event vendor Eva Levante as well as a ghost shell that has the insignia of your class.

You will also be able to earn medals from the bounties, with each medal class increasing the number of points you give to your class. Bronze worth one point, silver worth two, gold worth five and platinum worth fifteen. There will also be 10% bonus points for the class that finishes last each day to help make it more competitive.

The vendor for the Guardian Games, Eva Levante, who will provide Bounties and Medals for you to earn. Credit: Bungie

There will be a new addition to the strike playlist with class-specific strikes being made available to players. This will be used to help players collect laurels for their certain class. So, each class will matchmake with their own class, with Titans only matching with Titans, Hunters with Hunters and Warlocks with Warlocks.

There will also be custom modifiers for the strikes depending on how well your class did on the previous day, giving players a beneficial modifier as well as negative modifiers to keep players on their toes.

The beneficial modifier depends on the position your class got the previous day:

  • Gold: players gain extra health, shields and recovery and extra damage with their kinetic weapon
  • Silver: players gain faster melee recharge speed as well as increased elemental damage from guardian sources and more heavy ammo available to their guardians.
  • Bronze: guardians gain increased damage and recharge speed on their grenade abilities as well as an increase in elemental damage from guardian sources.

The negative modifiers will be dependent on the position your class gets the previous day as well:

  • Titans: melee damage from enemy combatants dealing more damage to guardians.
  • Warlock: increases the amount of damage you receive when airborne.
  • Hunter: disables your radar and increases flinch resistance from all enemy combatants.

Bungie has said that these modifiers were brought in to help with the laurel mechanic where the players in the strikes will have the chance of collecting bonus laurels from the same class, helping their classes standings at the end of the day.

The exotic heavy machine, Heir Apparent, is making its return to the game. However, this year, the catalyst for the cabal heavy machine gun will be made available. The catalyst is set to improve the weapon’s exotic perk, increasing the amount of damage the arc shield can take when spinning up the weapon. This can be obtained by turning in medals and laurels at the main podium in the tower for your selected class.

There will also be a new ornament that you could buy from the eververse store to change the appearance of your Heir Apparent, as well as a chance to earn the weapon if you missed it at the last Guardian Games.

The exotic machine gun, Heir Apparent, will be avaliable for Guardians to earn in Guardian Game. Credit: Bungie

The games will last over a three-week period with a closing ceremony lasting on the final two days of the event to decide and celebrate the winning class. So, guardians get your Guardian Games class item on, collect your laurels and may the best class win.