The times Prince Philip came to Derby over the years

The times Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has visited Derby over the years

Social media posts from Derby about Prince Philip
Derby welcomed Prince Philip on many occasions. Image of Twitter posts created using Canva.

Last Friday, it was announced by Buckingham Palace that Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, had passed away peacefully at Windsor Castle, aged 99.

He and the Queen had spent more than 73 years by each other’s sides.

Over the years, Prince Philip has made several trips to Derby. Here are some of the times that particularly stand out.

1949 – Derby Council House Opening

In 1949, construction finished on Derby’s Council House, after numerous delays due to the war. It was opened by the newly-wed Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

Derby City Council tweeted about the death of Prince Philip, announcing that the Union flags are now being flown at half-mast above the Council House as a mark of respect.

Countless people across Derby and Derbyshire are now paying tribute and sending condolences to the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family, in this time of mourning.


1997 – The opening of Pride Park Stadium

Any older fan of Derby County will remember when the club moved its grounds to Pride Park Stadium in 1997.

One moment from this occasion which many are bound to remember is when the Queen and Prince Philip did a lap of the new venue on the back of a Range Rover, before unveiling a plaque to officially open the new stadium.

Derby County tweeted in mourning of the Prince’s death.

2010 – 800th Royal Maundy ceremony

The Royal Maundy Ceremony is one of Britain’s oldest Easter traditions. Taking place the day before Good Friday, the British monarch ceremonially distributes silver coins as a symbolic act of virtue to elderly recipients.

In 2010, the Queen (accompanied by Prince Philip) chose Derby Cathedral to receive these coins.

The Duke of Edinburgh went round chatting with the children before going off to officially open the Royal Derby Hospital.

Derby Cathedral dedicated their evening prayer to Prince Philip on the day of his passing.