Struggling to sleep? Here are five products which might help you drift off

Struggling to sleep, with insomnia or suffering sleep deprivation? These five products might help

Insomnia and sleep deprivation levels are on the rise. Photo by Elias Ficavontade on Pexels

In normal times, insomnia is one of Britain’s largest health problems, affecting millions of people.

With stress, anxiety or depression also having an effect on people’s sleep patterns, the national lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic have also triggered a steep rise in the cases of insomnia across the UK. 

Research carried out by the Economic and Social Research Council-funded Centre for Population Change, at Southampton University, showed that the overall rise of worry-related sleep loss rose from 15.7% to 24.7% during the first lockdown.

Almost one year on and in our third national lockdown of the pandemic, we bring you five products which might help you to drift off a little easier. 

1) Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter – £22.99

A body butter for the heels of the feet which should be applied in grape-sized portions to provide 360g of magnesium to allow the diminishment of sleep troubles, migraines, emotional struggles, restless leg syndrome and a few other ailments.

Made up of mostly organic, eco-friendly, plant-based products, this butter is finished off with organic lavender essential oil to guarantee a lovely smell to coincide with a great night’s sleep. 

You can get your own here.

2) Ren Clear Skincare’s ‘& Now To Sleep’ Pillow Spray – £19

This cruelty free pillow spray, made up of vegan ingredients, blends smoothing scents of lavender, hops and frankincense.

Said to be ideal for those who are struggling to switch off, this mist is both friendly for pillows and pyjamas, or can be sprayed around the bedroom to help create a relaxing feel, especially in this time where in many cases, bedrooms have become work spaces. 

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3) John Lewis & Partners Specialist Synthetic Weighted Blanket – £80-£110

Able to be bought in four different weights (4.5 kg, 7 kg, 9 kg and 11.5 kg) these weighted blankets have a special weighty filling to enable a cosy feel with even pressure across your body.

With the design in mind to help in reducing restlessness and aid relaxation, this weighted blanket could be the perfect way of allowing yourself to get the great night sleep you have been missing. 

Find out if it is by getting one here.

4) Twining Superblends Sleep – £1.79

A blend of spiced apple and vanilla with camomile and passionflowers which is said to allow you to ‘switch off and discover the blend of your dreams’.

With this combination of ingredients, this could be the perfect drink to make a part of your bedtime ritual ahead of your head hitting your pillow. 

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5) Radox Sleep Aromatherapy Calm Your Mind Lavender Bath Salts 900g – £2.49

This soothing lavender and ylang ylang mix which make up the Aromatherapy Calm Your Mind Bath Salts is said to be able to ‘lull your body into a state of relaxation’ and sounds like the perfect addition to any bath time for troubled sleepers after a long day, before they hit the hay.

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