Former Street Kid Makes Own Jewellery in his mums Garden Shed

25-year-old University Graduate uses his mothers garden shed to make his own jewellery.

Samuel lack showing off his work. Credit: Samuel lack

A former street kid and now university graduate has used his creativity to make his own jewellery in his mum’s garden shed.

Samuel Lack, 25, of St Ann’s, Nottingham believes that if he didn’t find a way to use his creative mind for good, he may now be behind bars with the majority of his school friends.

Lack, at school was always good at art, but admits he could’ve achieved so much more if didn’t easily get distracted and swayed by the wrong crowd.

Lack said: “I never did anything really bad, but the crowd I was hanging around with would just walk around the streets, get into fights, smoke drugs and rob people.

“Luckily, I managed to find a way out, I went Uni and completely fell in love with the art of jewellery making.

“The jewellery I want to make is inspired by the place i’m from and the struggles that I’ve been through.

“It’s embedded in who I am, the music I listen to and the clothes I wear, that all stems from where I’m from.”

The piece that is most proud of is a piece that is made and created with his background, culture and personality in mind.

Lack said: “It’s somebody wearing a hoodie but he’s got a crown on his head which I made to show that no matter where you’re from or what you’re perceived to be, you can make it and be whatever you want to be”.

Jewellery piece of crown on top of hoodie.
Credit: Samuel Lack

Currently Lack works part time at a jewellery store in Sneinton, Nottingham but doesn’t have to travel too far from home to indulge in his creativity.

His ‘workshop’ is located at the bottom of his mother’s garden, in her shed.

Samuel lack in his workshop.
Credit: Samuel lack

“It is a noisy process so i’m sure the neighbours won’t be happy but I think I’ve kind of just tone deaf to it now.” Lack told me.

It takes a lot of time, commitment and hard work to complete just one simple piece but Lack likes to commit to more complicated pieces for a sense of achievement.

Lack continued: “It takes me around 3-4 hours I would say to complete an interesting piece but then that has to reflect in the price.

“I cannot just charge somebody £50 because then that wouldn’t reflect the time and resources that I put in so I would have to charge a couple hundred pounds for it to be worth it.

jewellery piece created by Samuel lack.
Credit: Samuel lack

“But I do want to make some more simple piece in the future that will take me an hour, then I would be able to charge £40 and that would be fine.”