5 Gyms to join in Derby now that lockdown is easing

5 Gyms to join in Derby now that lockdown is easing

A row of dumbbells in a gym Credit: Pixabay

With lockdown restrictions easing, today is the day for the beloved gym-lovers, fitness fanatics or the occasional treadmill user to get a bit of normality back.

Indoor gyms have been closed for months and months, and now the doors are finally re-opening.

If you are returning, or just getting started, here are 5 gyms in Derby that may suit you.

1. PureGym

PureGym is the go-to gym if you are looking for a cheap, well-equipped open plan gym.

From only £11.99 a month, PureGym is a great choice for a novice gym-goer or a seasoned veteran.

The gym has three floors, over 200 pieces of equipment and multiple studio suites, so if you want to lose weight, gain muscle or keep fit, PureGym is the ideal place.

Located just outside the intu, at 115-117 St Peters St, you can find out more about PureGym here.


2. Energie Fitness

Outside of the city centre and slightly down Ashbourne Road, you will find Energie Fitness, a huge gym with lots and lots of brand-new equipment.

Having only opened in mid-2018, Energie fitness is the new gym on the block and its popularity keeps on rising.

Energie fitness is slightly on the more expensive side, at £25.99 a month, but given the facilities is definitely worth it.

Energie fitness is a modern, state of the art gym, having countless cardio equipment, many weights and even a unique boxing section called ‘The Yard’.

This gym is located at 31a Ashbourne Rd, more information can be found here.


3. JD Gyms


JD Gyms is owned by the retailing giant JD Sports, a company branching out from sportswear to gyms.

The JD Gym in Derby is found in a warehouse on Osmaston Rd and has rows of treadmills and benches that seem to be never ending.

If you go to this gym, you should never find yourself waiting for equipment or having to change from a push day to a pull day. There is plenty of equipment for everyone.

At a standard rate of £19.99 a month, you can find out more about the gym here.


4. Santino’s Gym & Boxing Studio


Santino’s Gym & Boxing Studio is a small, friendly gym, if you want a more intimate experience.

If you want more than just lifting weights or losing weight, if you want a personal connection and makes friends on the way, Santino’s is the place for it.

Santino’s offers three types of membership, Gold (£24pm), Silver (£19.50) and a £99 annual membership for students.

Found at 119A Nuns St, more information for Santino’s can be found here.


5. David Lloyd Gyms


David Lloyd Gyms are one of the most expensive gym memberships available, exact pricing is unknown, but it’s thought to be around £90 per month.

This seems a high asking price for a membership, but you are not just paying for a gym membership, you are paying to be part of a club.

A member is granted access to a spa, tennis court, swimming pool, as well as a fully equipped gym.

There is no doubt that there are cheaper alternatives, but you may not get the same benefits and privileges that come with a David Lloyd membership.

Located on Riverside Rd, just down the road from Pride Park, find out more here.