Screwfix Haverhill host charity football match raising money for Screwfix Foundation

Screwfix Haverhill host charity football match raising money for Screwfix Foundation

Charity match captains Billy Hemmings(staff) and Neil Hammond(customers).

A charity football match of staff versus customers to raise funds for community facilities was a huge success.

The Screwfix Haverhill store are among hundreds of Screwfix businesses nationwide to run fundraising events for the Screwfix foundation which looks to support local community facilities across the UK.

“Helping to build a better future”

Registered in 2013, the Screwfix foundation works to raise funds across the UK to improve properties and community facilities. Funding rises up to £5,000 for registered charities who are looking for support.

Screwfix Foundation: “Raising funds to support projects that will fix, repair, maintain and improve properties and community facilities”

Screwfix stores nationwide look to promote fundraising events to collect money towards the foundation.

Haverhill’s Screwfix located in Suffolk, have ran charity days throughout the year including Superhero day, Drag day and other staple fundraising events such as bake sales, car washing etc.

Billy Hemmings, 21 from Haverhill, Suffolk, is the current supervisor of the Haverhill store and he explained how important it is for his team to organise events throughout the working calendar.

Hemmings said: “It’s important for us as a team to arrange events throughout they year – it lifts the mood in the store, our workers feel part of a team and the times to have fun also  allows us to have breaks and enjoy ourselves at work.

Billy Hemmings, Haverhill Screwfix supervisor and captain.

“But it’s all about how we can help locally – it’s great to see what the money we do can do and how it can change people’s lives.

“We’ve helped schools and other businesses get better and progress which is really good for us all to see. The littlest bit of money can make such a difference.”

The latest charity event Haverhill’s Screwfix store organised was an 11-a-side charity match at Haverhill’s New Croft, the home of Haverhill Rovers football club, against their trade customers.

The aim, once again, to raise money for the company’s foundation. Two teams were assembled – Screwfix Staff and Screwfix Trade Customers.

After 90 minutes – the trade customers came out 8-6 winners but it really was not about the result. The game, like true charity match style, was one of fun, great attitude and huge support.

With free entry for all, there were up to 200 people at the event, many of the supporters donated in some way.

When the match finished, Gary Leatherdale, Haverhill Screwfix store manager, expressed how pleased he was with the charity match and its success, saying: “It was an amazing day and I can’t be prouder of us as a store and the town. We do make a change but it’s gradual.

It was an amazing day and I can’t be prouder of us as a store and the town. We do make a change but it’s gradual.

“As a company, Screwfix look to reach out to businesses and organisations in need – we’ve already helped over 1,000 local communities nationwide and that number will only continue to grow.

Gary Leatherdale (centre) gives two teams briefing ahead of the game.

“It’s a big well done to everyone who was involved and to everyone who donated, I just wish more companies did the same.”

Before the match, Screwfix Haverhill had already raised £515.94 for the Screwfix Foundation all from the in-store team. From the charity football match, another £398 was raised for the company including online donations. Supervisor, Hemmings targets to raise over £1,000 before the new year, stating:

“We are looking to push ourselves above our target, we’ve done very well this year already but we also need to have foundations ready for 2020 – more events, more money.”

Haverhill’s store has most notably been involved with Reach Community Projects and Clements Nursery. In 2017, Haverhill Screwfix and the Screwfix Foundation awarded Reach £3,000 to refurbish a new kitchen.

Reach are a company that target poverty in Haverhill and the surrounding areas. Staff player, Shaun Welling from Enfield but who now lives in Haverhill spoke of how he has witnessed change in the area with important donations from Screwfix foundations.

Welling, 21, said: “When I moved to Haverhill there were problems with crime and poverty especially around poor areas in town.

Shaun Welling, 21, showing off the Screwfix staff kit.

“Not saying there are not problems now but at least there are things in place to support and try to improve situations.

“Growing up in Enfield made me aware of the difficulties that lack of money can get society in, so I’m happy to be helping in some way to support my local community.”