LIVE: Screwfix Haverhill charity football match

LIVE: Screwfix Haverhill charity football match

Screwfix staff players - Shaun Welling (left), Jimmy Hemmings (right).

Haverhill’s Screwfix store works with Screwfix Foundation to raise money for local charities and communities in need of sport.

This time, Screwfix Haverhill organised a charity football match between staff and trade customers.

We will be bringing you the latest from the Haverhill New Croft, where the match is taking place.

For all match updates, follow our live blog down below.

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Family first – reaction

The event is all over and with that another great fundraising event ran by the Screwfix Foundation.

A shout out to the Hemmings family who all got on the pitch today in the name of charity, Billy, Jim Sr, Jimmy Jr, Riley all came on for the staff team and all scored bar Billy. They’ve all made a point of letting Billy know that even Riley score, he’s 11.

But it’s an event for everyone to celebrate and another success for Screwfix Haverhill.


Father and his 3 sons, Our team might of lost the big charity match, BUT guess who scored, The oldest man on the pitch who refuses to grow up ❤️

Posted by Jim Hemmings on Sunday, 24 November 2019

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Full-time: Customers 8-6 Staff

Well what a game and what a night. The game finished 8-6 to the customers who will take the bragging rights but it’s all about the just under £400 raised for Screwfix foundation. This money will all go towards:

  • Improving local facilities
  • Maintaining community buildings
  • Repairing damaged properties

My man of the match is going to a player on the losing team – Shane Gambin grabbed a hat-trick and was the focal point going forwards for the staff team.

Gambin: “Lots of people have come today, hopefully we can make it a yearly thing.”


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Half-time – is it time for Hemmings Sr?

Hemmings Sr set to come on?
Hemmings Sr to come on for Screwfix staff.

Wow. It’s half-time and it’s 5-3 to the trade customers. What a half, proper charity football. Hemmings Jr regained the lead for the staff before a late first half romp took the customers into the lead at the break.

How will the staff team turn it around? Well, Hemmings Sr looks ‘limbered’ up ready to come on and his experience could make the difference up top.

If Hemmings Sr does come on – we will be a Riley Hemmings appearance away from the whole family being on the pitch.

“You’ve got another 90 mins to go yet”

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VERY, VERY lively start

And in the first 20 minutes it’s 2-2. Not what we expected but early on Shane Gambin grabbed two impressive goals for the staff team before two swift replies from the customers brought it back level.

Like most charity games there a few questionable passes and shots cropping up but the standard is good. It will be interesting to see whether the staff can keep up the good tempo.

Impressive start from Gambin though, keep an eye on him.


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It’s nearly time

Referee and man in charge, Branham Ince.

The man in charge, Branham Ince, is with the captains in the middle for the toss.

Trade customers win the toss and will kick-off very shortly. Players from both sides are out and ready for the charity match to begin.

There are no live odds for this one but with several ex semi-pro players in their squad – maybe the trade customers edge it – can the staff keep it tight? Can they last a full 90 minutes?

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Is that… the Wealdstone Raider?

Nope, he didn’t turn up, I’m sure he was too busy fighting Tyson Fury but there’s a few words of support from the internet sensation.

So this Sunday I get to line up with my 3 sons and family to take part in a charity football match that’s close to my…

Posted by Jim Hemmings on Wednesday, 20 November 2019


The video came from Jim Hemmings Sr who has travelled over an hour to play in the charity match – he has also donated £100 plus to the event. Hemmings Sr owns a pub near Enfield and knows how important money can be to local businesses:

“We are so lucky, we don’t realise how lucky we really are – this money will make a huge difference.”

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Oops, sneak peek


Remember it’s all about raising money… but there’s a bit of competitiveness. Both teams will want the bragging rights.

Screwfix staff tactics inside changing room

Massive appreciation to Billy Hemmings, supervisor at the Haverhill store and captain of the staff team – the 21-year-old arranged, the pitch, officials, teams, donations, time and has devoted time into the event.

But the question is, who will win?

Have your say on the poll down below…


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In the name of charity

How many charity events can you think of? Raffles, washing cars, dressing up, marathons, the list goes on and the Screwfix Foundation have attempted various nationwide.

Haverhill’s branch have had their go at raising money in town through:

  • Soak a staff member
  • Superhero day
  • Drag day
  • Raffles

We can only hope the charity football match receives the same reception and raises valuable funds for communities in need.

Check out some shots of the staff in their best superhero/villain get ups.

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Team news…

Both teams have announced their starting line-ups:

Staff team: Real family connection throughout, Billy Hemmings, Jimmy Hemmings Jr, Riley Hemmings (brothers), Jimmy Hemmings Sr (father), Shane Gambin (cousin), Shaun Taylor (step-dad to Billy and Jimmy Jr)

  • One to watch: Shaun Welling, tricky playmaker, looks to link up play, good technical ability
  • Captain watch: Billy Hemmings, leader and natural finisher

Trade team:

  • One to watch: Rob Prately, ex-Haverhill Rovers semi-professional, experienced, strong
  • Captain watch: Neil Hammond, tall, a real figure in the middle of the park, dictates tempo

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Players arrive…

Players form both teams arrive, Staff vs Trade customers – trade customers are Screwfix customers who are registered to a Trade UK card – the loyal Screwfix members.

Billy Hemmings: “There’s two teams, the staff and the trade, you want to support us, the staff.”

Families and friends have also started arriving to support the players – many have already donated. It’s free entry for all so there’s still time to come along and support ‘The Fix’ and bring your change – every donation will make a difference.

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Can you fix it? Screwfix Foundation can.

The Screwfix Foundation utilises staff fundraising and customer donations all to support local charities and communities. The foundation has reached over 1,000 local projects so far nationwide as they look to develop and improve companies in need.

In order for a charity to apply for funding the charity must be:

  • A registered charity/non-profited 
  • Looking to support those in disadvantaged situations
  • Seeking funds to kick start projects – repair, maintenance, improve

Follow this link, to see what the Screwfix Foundation does.

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Reporter, Andre Henrique arrival at the home of Haverhill Rovers football club, the New Croft.

£515.94 has already been raised by Screwfix Haverhill and the target is to raise over £1,000 for the Screwfix Foundation. Donations have been taken throughout the lead up to the charity football match both online and in person.

It’s estimated the match will raise up to £400, the money will be used for local communities such as Reach Community Projects and Clements Nursery.