Labour: The party inspiring students to vote for the 2019 general election

Labour: The party inspiring students to vote for the 2019 general election

Amidst the chaos of the upcoming 2019 general election, the Labour Party have been campaigning tirelessly, capturing the attention of students and young people across the nation.

After releasing their manifesto, the Labour Party have promised young people and students the chance to shape their own future.

Described as “for the many, not the few”, their policies have become increasingly popular for the younger generations.

University students up and down the country have been “inspired” by the party. This was one of their aims according to Leicester Labour representative, Celia Hibbert.

“Our radical policies aim to encourage and inspire the young people of this country.

“We want them to be adventurous, dream big and accomplish things that maybe their parents couldn’t.”

Leicester Labour representative, Celia Hibbert.

One of the main policies gathering discussion amongst students is the removal of university tuition fees.

“If you’re from an ordinary family and you go to university, you’re left with approximately £54,000 worth of debt.

“This now makes education a privilege for the rich and places the ordinary people in debt before they even begin.

“Education should be free and that is what Labour will bring to the table.”

Currently, university students are required to pay back their student loans that can reach up to £70,000 plus.

However, there’s more to the party’s policies than just scrapping loans and fees. As a competitor to the Conservative party, Labour are known for directly opposing their counterpart’s policies.

Derby North Labour candidate Tony Tinley said that a vote for Labour will ensure, “real investment, funding and support to rebuild our communities.

“It will allow us to protect the planet, support our children and our most vulnerable and save the NHS from full privatisation.”

Along with their policies, Labour’s philosophy has hit home for a lot of students this time around.

After speaking to various students at the University of Derby, one of them could not stop singing the party’s praises.

Third-year photography student, Katie Lewis, says that, “Labour are the best party to vote for if you’re a student like me.”

Third-year photography student, Katie Lewis.

She believes that Labour ,”stick up for the average person like myself and are the most beneficial party for a student to vote for.

“Hopefully if they get a majority vote I won’t have to pay my student loan, but at the same time it will be good to see how they change the nation if they get in power.”

It’s clear to see that the Labour Party have prepared immensely for this year’s election. Not only have they reached out to a younger demographic, but they’ve also left their mark.

Whether or not the votes of students across the nation will help them surpass the Conservatives, only time will tell.

“Young people now need to go and shape their own future,” says Celia Hibbert,

“Now is their time to look at the world critically and tell us what must be done.”

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