Why Derbyshire is an amazing place!

The six places you have to visit in Derbyshire before you die

Everybody knows the seven wonders of the world, but do you know the six wonders of Derbyshire?

From discovering the mysterious past of the blue lagoon to taking a trip back in time to 1940, these six honeypots should be on everyone’s bucket list no matter what the weather.

Oh, and just a warning, it does seem to rain a lot here…

  1. The Heights of Abraham

See stunning views around all of Matlock on this cable car ride full of history.

It travels across the Derwent Valley and climbs up 60 acres of hill-top estate.

A lot of people do not know The Heights of Abraham was part of the route of the Olympic Torch in 2012 and the name was actually stolen from The Heights of Abraham in Quebec, Canada.

Pictured above is how one of the carriages looked in 1984. Tour guide, Warren, from Matlock, said: “In 1759 the British were fighting the French in Canada.

“The leader of our troops was called General Woolf.

“Woolf and some of his troops were actually from Matlock and when they returned from the war they noticed the heights in the town looked exactly the same as those in Canada.

“It’s funny how somewhere in the old world has been named after something in the new world.”

Facts that Google does not know:

One single carriage has carried more than eight million customers in its lifetime!

  1. Masson and Rutland Caverns

With your ticket for the Heights of Abraham you get to see not only the highs of the town, but also the lows with a tour of the Masson and Rutland Caverns, in Matlock Bath, included.

With a 350 million-year history, the caverns – not caves (there is a difference which you will learn on your tour) – take you back in time to mining days as you discover how they came to look the way they do today.

Although, it is not suitable for those who are claustrophobic as it takes you deep into the heart of the town (literally).

Facts that Google does not know:

Rob, 24, cavern tour guide, said: “300 million years ago, you would be standing underwater and surrounded by the creatures that make up the walls you are looking at today.”

  1. Solomon’s Temple

The climb is tough to get here, but once at the top you will have the best view over Buxton – something money just cannot buy.

The whole town is visible from the top of the temple, which was relinquished by Solomon Myrock, in 1896, to give work to unemployed people in the town.

Views from the top of the temple onto the town below

Facts that Google doesn’t know:

Glen Serafica, 22, an outdoor leadership student at the University of Buxton said: “What lots of people are not aware of is that the temple is actually built on top of a bronze age burial site.

“An architect even discovered bodies that were over 5,000 years old.”

  1. Harpur Hill Quarry, also known as Blue Lagoon

Did you know that somewhere in Derbyshire there is a beautiful lagoon that covers a dark secret from World War Two?

It was previously used to store weapons for the Royal Air Force but, even though the weapons were supposed to be burnt, there were a number of German chemical weapons that were still intact when the quarry flooded.

This makes it the gorgeous blue colour it is today.

The Blue Lagoon in all its glory

The local council have attempted to deter visitors by dying it black, but if you can find the gap in the wall, and you are willing to climb fences or sneak through a field of sheep, you just might ‘stumble’ across its magnificence.

Facts that Google does not know:

Swimming in the lagoon is the equivalent of swimming in ammonia or bleach, according to Sammie O’Neil, 21, a resident in Buxton for three years.

She said: “It can cause some serious problems for you later on like stomach-ache, itchy skin or infection.”

  1. Bustler Market
Vegan smothered fries which can be bought from the market.

Are you the type of person who likes good food but never knows which cuisine to go for?

Maybe you need a new place for date night?

Or perhaps you feel too old for clubbing and you fancy something different to just the local pub?

If the answer to any of those was yes, Bustler Market is just for you!

Gather the family and say “cheers” to a good evening of fantastic food, delightful drinks and marvellous music at the market in Castleward Boulevard.

Pizza from Bustler market.

Based in a cosy warehouse, the lights, the bar and the ever-buzzing atmosphere make this the only place to be on the last weekend of every month – yes, we wish it was every week too!

Demand has been so high they now host food-themed weekends in the middle of the month.

So, you can munch on your pizza, burger, kebab or Asian delicacy whilst listening to the soundtrack of your youth and dancing the night away with your pals.

Brownies from Bustler

Facts that Google does not know:

Andy Darke, the market’s event manager, said: “Since our first market, in May 2018, we have had more than 115,000 visitors walk through the door.

“This year, when we opened our food trader applications for 2020, we had over 200 people wanting to take part. We only need half that for the full year!”

  1. Darley Abbey

Described by some as an oasis on the outskirts of town, Darley Abbey is the countryside in the city.

This quaint little ‘village-like suburb’ is the perfect place to eat good food, walk the dog with the kids, and top the day off with a glass of ’72 merlot – or whatever your poison may be.

Just past the weir (think mini-waterfall) is a local bistro with heart – that is, hearty food and a heart-warming atmosphere.

With the best Sunday lunch for miles, and a charming wine bar just next door, this place is your home away from home.

The weir was previously used to help with the running of the old mill, which is what makes the area a world heritage site.

Not only is it full of beautiful scenery and things to do, Darley Abbey has an immense history with the Abbey Inn dating back to the 15th Century.

Facts that Google does not know:

Resident Victoria Workman, 22, said: “Darley Abbey is actually a great local community and I’m surprised people don’t know more about it.

“Every September there is a concert with an orchestra, food vans and bouncy castles. Everyone in the area goes and it’s the perfect way to end the summer. Especially with the fireworks!”