Is Veganism a trend or is it here to stay?

Are young people going vegan because of influencers or do they actually know the health benefits of veganism?

Veganism is on the rise but is this because it’s an Instagram trend, because people are passionate about what happens to animals or is it all about healthy living?

More than 100 people attended the Derby Vegan Market which took place in the Market Place, Derby, yesterday.

A range of vegan stallholders gave visitors the opportunity to try their products – which ranged from vegan cheese to tea and biscuits.

Derby Vegan Market in the Market place

Stall worker for Cow Barn Brewery in Brackenfield, Derbyshire, Natasha Laura, said: “I think celebrities and social media have played a big role in getting veganism to be a mainstream thing.”

The 28-year-old from Alvaston, added: “Especially with social media being huge in today’s day and age people are more influenced by what other people are doing. So, yes I think social media has sort of made it a trend.”

Kombucha stall photo at Derby vegan market

According to The Guardian More than half of vegan people are people aged between 15 and 34.

Keeping up with a vegan diet can be quite tough.  If you are just transitioning from being a meat eater it’s best to know what you’re putting into your body so you’re not lacking any vitamins or adding to your health problems.

Vic Jones, 30, Co-operative worker for Soundbites whole foods, said:  “I was a vegetarian before, which was purely for animal ethics and then became vegan for the health benefits.  My predominant reason for being vegan is purely for animal ethics. Everything I use is ethical down to my household products, which I don’t think many people realise also impact veganism.”

So what made you go vegan?

Vegan and Gluten free products board at Derby vegan market

Georgia Evans, 17, a student from Littleover, said: “I went vegan mainly for the animals. I want to be a vet and want to help animals get better.

“I’ve watched a documentary on Netflix called Cowspiracy and this showed me how cruel the industry is to animals especially when people use dairy products.

“My family were very supportive when I told them I wanted to go vegan and make this change.”

According to The BBC Veganism has many underlying health benefits such as lower cholesterol, weight loss, prevents type 2 diabetes, helps with skin etc.

Hogg Norton stall at Derby Vegan market

Since social media is very prominent in our lives many influencers tend to promote products some of these are from vegan brand which a younger audience sees, this can be influential which isn’t necessary a bad thing, but young people should know what and why they’re putting something in their body and how this will benefit them.

Celebrities such as Lewis Hamilton have been promoting a plant based diet.