9 things to do to forget about you know what…

9 things people have done to forget about Coronavirus

Woman in medical mask
Story by Emily McIlroy and Alex Beadnell


There’s a lot of stress and worry around as the Coronavirus pandemic grips the world…but not everyone is letting it ruin their day.

Here are 9 ways people have not let the global crisis get them down:

Family ensures small business avoids disappointment  

One family made sure food did not go to waste after their sons Bar Mitzvah was unfortunately cancelled due to the virus.

Rather than disappointing the caterer, they decided to share this food with their loved ones in quarantine as a gesture of good will.

The company wins and so do their friends!


Stay-at-home Schwarzenegger 

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the many celebrities encouraging people to stay safe in their homes amid the crisis.

He has swapped the gym for relaxing with his pet horse Whiskey and donkey Lulu.

Take this opportunity to spend as much time as you can with your furry animals.


Couple recreate cancelled cruise

Rather than taking to Twitter to complain about their cancelled holiday, they are taking matters into their own hands.

They set up their chairs, poured themselves a drink and put their feet up, quite literally.

Who enjoys the sea breeze anyway?!


Football matches, but not as we know it

Some football fans have taken charge of their team’s match this weekend by playing it themselves on Fifa.

The only way you are going to be able to watch any Premier League football for the moment is via virtual reality.


No football? No problem

It’s not just the fans that are going stir-crazy with no football matches.

Many football club admins are hosting virtual games on social media such as Connect4 and Noughts and Crosses.

Hull City took a surprising victory over Bayer Leverkusen.


Enjoy a Night out without leaving your bed

One DJ has taken it upon himself to bring the night out to you.

You can watch his Instagram Live stream every evening so the party animal in you never has to miss out!


Community concert brings locals together

Neighbours kept each other entertained whilst in lockdown earlier this week.

They were all seen singing and dancing late into the evening.


Aerial Aerobics

Why not take part in your local exercise class in the comfort of your own home?

Spain are improvising during the lockdown and a sports instructor is making sure people keep fit whilst stuck inside.

We need more people like this!


The new craze: Balcony Sports

You’ve seen the singing, you’ve seen the aerobics; now it is time for balcony tennis.

Two Spanish civilians cured their boredom with a hit about hanging out their windows.

Not something we highly recommend (!), but it is creative.

We cannot wait to see what sport comes next.