What’s the weather for Shrovetide on Shrove Tuesday?

Shrove Tuesday weather: What's the current forecast for Shrovetide?

The clouds above Ashbourne today as Shrovetide takes place

Today marks the start of Shrovetide football, an annual event taking place in Ashbourne.

A game that is played exclusively in the Derbyshire town and has been since 1667, many tourists come to see the extraordinary sport every year.

As per usual, weather is likely to play a large part in the match and as of right now it’s looking pretty cloudy with a slight breeze, temperatures approximately around about 5 degrees according to the Met Office.

There will be a few changes as the day goes on with an 80% chance of rain at 1pm and the temperature deteriorating from then on.

The forecast for Wednesday seems to be very similar with a bit of rain which is unlikely to have too much of an impact on proceedings.

This is extremely ordinary compared to previous years in which both snow and torrential rain has disrupted the event however nothing will stop the locals from participating.

Any viewers who haven’t wrapped up warm will certainly be feeling it by now.

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